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Triple Lane Bungee Run including supervision

Triple Lane Bungee Run including supervision

Available for Hire

Megajumps 'Triple Lane Bungee Run' is not for the faint of heart.

You will have hours of entertainment as you crash, fall, slide, roll and bounce your way through some fantastic challenges.

Who will get the bragging rights out of you and your family and friends?

Challenge 1 - "Bungee Points Challenge"

60 seconds on the clock to run up and back on the Bungee Run as many times as you can, collecting 'points' as you go. The further you get, the HIGHER the points. Highest number of points at the end of the 60 seconds, WINS!

Challenge 2 - "Capture the Flag"

A 'Flag' is set towards the end of the Bungee Run. Who can capture the flag first? Who will crash and tumble back to the start of the Bungee Run? Do you have what it takes?

Challenge 3 - "Bungee Stretch"

Each take turns at placing the velcro marker as far up the Bungee Run as you can. Set a number of shots per player and see who can place the marker the furthest to WIN!

Setup: Please allow for a minimum of 2 metres clearance from each side of the Bungee Run. Please allow for a minimum of 2 metres clearance for the height of the Bungee Run. The area must be clear from power lines, phone lines and tree branches.

Additional Information
Suitable All Ages
3 at a time
Flat Surface
6m wide x 6m long x 4.5m high
7m wide x 10m long x 4.5 m high
1 x 10amp outlet within 20 metres.
priced from $860
2 Hours
4 Hours
6 Hours